• We could change all these lights without a single ladder.

    One lightsource in an easily accessible location illuminates these chandeliers.

  • No Electricity? It must be an optical illusion.

    Unlimited Light fibre optic lighting can be installed almost anywhere and remain safe. Even outdoors in a thunderstorm.

  • How many lights are illuminating this ceiling?

    One or one hundred and one? A single remotely located lamp feeds up to 900 sparkling light points.

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Fantastic Fibre Optics by Unlimited Light

Unlimited Light is Europe's premier supplier of fibre optic and LED lighting products for home or commercial use.

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Why Choose Unlimited Light?


We've been manufacturing & selling fibre optics for over 22 years!


We manufacture & assemble all our products in our UK factory.


Most standard kits can be despatched for next day delivery.


We have real people manning our telephone lines, and we promise to answer all calls!


All kits are supplied with full installation instructions written in English.


We can customise kits and manufacture one-off items - just give us a call to discuss.

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Why Fibre Optics?

  • Economical & Low Maintenance >

    One lamp provides upto 900 points of light. With only one lamp to change, maintenance can be carried out by almost anyone. No technical knowledge is required.
  • Control >

    Multiple control options - remote control, DMX control or master/slave configuratuions.
  • Amazing Effects >

    Colour changing, twinkle effects and dimming control are all very easy to achieve.
  • Safety >

    Fibre optics are safe for use in areas where conventional lighting is not, such as in bathrooms, spas and other wet areas.
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