SF105 Star Flooring Kit


The Star Floor Kit adds a touch of magic to any room or outdoor area at the flick of a switch. Install these miniature polycarbonate fittings in the grout between floor tiles or directly into timber floor. When switched off these fittings are near invisible. When switched on the space is dramatically transformed into an entrancing experience. Each miniature fitting is illuminated by a small diameter polymer fibre optic cable which can run under the tiles or floorboards and bend into the fitting.

The SF105 star flooring kit is supplied with:

1 x fibre optic harness with 105 strands, 15 @ 4.0m, 15 @ 5.0m, 15 @ 6.0m, 15 @ 7.0m, 15 @ 8.0m, 15 @ 9.0m, 15 @ 10.0m

105 x mini polycarbonate fittings

1 x Vega LED light source, static white light or 1 x Cube RGBW colour changing light source.

Note that the kit comes as standard with either the high output white light Vega light source or, alternatively, a Cube light source which features remote control colour change. The Vega is a powerful LED source providing static white light with manual, DMX or 0-10v dimming. The Cube is supplied with a remote control unit and can also be controlled manually or with DMX. Estimated lamp life for both options is 50000 hours.